Tuesday, March 20, 2007

random dram notes -- part 2


Shoplifting in an upscale shop--a group of guys. Are they really stealing? Thing just are always missing after they leave.


A friend is dialing 911. There’s a fire at Green Mountain Mama’s. The greeting was a warning against pranks. What did they say, I ask. They’re sending a postcard in stamped English. It’s OK we think, we don’t see fire yet. But we’re close. There’s smoke everywhere. I reach for the phone to call back, angrily. But my Dad says No. Well, did you give them the address? No. So I call back with that information. They say something I don’t remember. This is ridiculous, I say during the call this time. I could have just WALKED to the police/fire station and back already. I try to talk the operator into sending a cruiser down, just for a look.


I’m on some big field day trip. Orchestral. DB joins in the band after a while. “Song about a car crash” He announces “I’ll organize it as a symphony or fugue.” He’s playing keyboards? He wrote it. These are his friends at this highly prestigious festival.

Coming back on the subway, there are “bugs” everywhere--out in the open. Video recorders are stuck to the walls and ceilings--everywhere. You can hear the operators on the other end. They’re supposed to blend into the background, but they really don’t. A bunch of them look like eyes--of beasts--beady with lots of hair on the surrounding “face”. They even blinked. Others were scarab beetles that wiggled their legs.


We’re on a big tour bus getting dropped off. We all get off and the bus turns drive off and I ask everyone to say goodbye to the driver. It’s my dad. “Bye, Dad,” I yell loudly. I realize I’ve only got a sarong and a sweater. I try to look decent. I hear the gate, There are flash bulbs going off--I might be in a photo.


I’m at Jade Harmon’s house. She’s serving us dessert cake and dinner on fun colored plastic dishes that she says she uses also for dinner. She and Anneka abd Hollie are familiar with a game she just picked out that features Greek goddesses. T & Dana are there too. In the background field of the board, the letters read, “Chelsea Murders” (“Girls”). I’m not familiar with it, so Jade gives me bakground historical context.


T & Dana wanting in with threesome with me


Something about my conversation with someone and that person saying they’d had the same dream! At the same time? It was one of my first dreams, and I tried pretty hard to remember it and all my other dreams too.


after he’s done playing: “where’s my piece of cheese?” It’s in his burger and I already tied it into his shoe (the baby kid).


Getting in an argument with Eric. I ask him to play rummy. But he thought we were gonna play that tomorrow. I have to tell him how I play it everyday.


Marlon Brando and Kurt Douglass won awards for portraying returning war veterans in 1st and 2nd ½ of the century. Previous was for Manchild in the Promised Land. I can’t remember.


I’m at a conference thing at the Latchis with Christol and send her outside.
--wait-- movie--
a woman like Julianne Moore was sucking dick. Then in sequal she’s wearing some weird creature costume. And the dicks she sucks are diseased and disfigured and talk back. Several got bad reviews.
There is a steep rolling(?) cliff that we are climbing to see something.


(?) … about a culture’s mores if a baby has a 2nd mother, we always give deference to the 1st, unless the baby chooses 2nd mother over 1st. Must follow baby’s choices. It doesn’t know any better and have to watch out for that.


Some tacks had fallen on the ground and I talk to Christol about picking them up.


Laura Casey works at Hospice thrift shop and is dressing a customer. I told her I want her job. They have such fun. The customer just lost lots f weight.

8/14 [are these already posted?]

Captions to wallpaper / computer generated art. Old male monk is singing for us a very bluesy chant “I talk about it all the time”--about his labors and his work, his hard life. I was on a date with Yuz.


My mother has seen me for who I really am. She no longer treats me as her child.


I’ve walked through a door--a glittering spinning portal into my present world. There are many more people and things that happen here.. This is all I can remember. Story sharing/swapping.


Blood between legs. Was with JD. Both in truck cab in historic Brattleboro--working?


Kindergarteners. 11 am. Kids are there ready to tease me. Teacher retiring, turning into a bird.


Downtown festival. I find lots of boxed cards, etc that Nancy had bought out ages ago. They were in their own display that I had never put out. It was my fault.

I start to make a display of this stuff including some furniture in the parking lot. There are already a few tables in the parking areas next to Coffee Country.

One of the tables I’m very familiar with--I’ve lived with it before. And I hate to compromise that spot by putting all this there, but I need to. These tables would have made perfect writing spots and for a moment I fantasize about setting up my office at one of them. In all this search I find lots of books--I also find at least one note to me (there are lots of them) about my participation in the festival. Notes of thanks, fan mail. I am bummed that I didn’t receive them back when I just did the performance. It’s been so long. The envelopes were already opened, too. But I know I didn’t read them before.


Advice to Tom Cruise: 13 bets. give is 2 weeks in autumn, when the problem is strong so they won’t die off. Dress?

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random dream notes -- part 1

I’ve been cleaning my house lately, getting ready for an impending move. Not only am I a pack rat, but I’ve discovered that I will compulsively write down my dremas on any little scrap of paper I can find at the moment. Here are transcriptions of dreams scribbled on backs of envelopes, recycled print outs, Kleenexes and other random scraps. They may be listed with a month and day, but no year.


I have a reading on April 20th. Easter at the Guilford Library. DB is driving there--he’s not going and doesn’t know where it is and just as we’ve gotten to a town center. I have to admit to him I don’t know where we are either--on top of not having brought my poems--on top of no one coming because it’s Easter.


Driving car--I’d woken up from a nap and am on autopilot, driving by feel. I must have been on the highway. But we’re nearing a place when I need to see, keep telling myself to open my eyes but can’t. Trying to peel my lids apart and can only see ghosts little images of landscape. Realize I’m wearing a mask and fling that off. Still my eyes are closed still I’m nervously driving thinking about pulling off to the sholder but I can’t see where that is. Still prying my eyes apart.


small paper bag on my table with a card inside. Another Thank you? He’s still in shop, so I open it, maybe I can talk to him about it later.

In the bag is a card and bottle of cologne. Card/envelope says I should call Oak Grove School so I can be part of their Women at Work Week. And another contact, too.

Cologne and lotion came with two different caps. It’s a trick. Lots of words on the glass bottle--what were they??


5 lost in hall

Kicking an apple around. Not cracking the earth. Jumping cracked OK earth.

Khonsy lost 74-62 gambling with Ousa.

A slew of boys watching the upstairs--got kicked out downstairs. My job is payroll.

Long spate of drams, as with yesterday, though I chose not to write down yesterday. Been dreaming much better for weeks now.


tornado in the house I’m in--with a family who knows the routine when it happens. Must close eyes when it hit’s the ground--the sight is too shocking. But this time, we are swept along--I’m outside and see a house being destroyed, the wreckage and I am so easily saddened by it--I can’t look, I says. Close (?) The father is in the room with me and asks me questions like I should know because I’ve been in tornadoes before?


Gonna give Rolf a lift? JK was there with his sister. He’s visiting a friend’s son, Lowell and starts talking Spanish with him. I knew Lowell from some other situation so he is trying to connect the dots. JK is asking for a lift from him in a sled, which means Rolf and I can leave later? Not sure about logistics. Someone’s asking permission of someone else.

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