Tuesday, September 12, 2006




"When will I be a good journalist," my boyfriend asks. I offer him words of wisdom.

A toliet paper company ran through campus, accrued all this product, no replenishing. Tools got taken from the back of Ian's van that were needed for a field trip he was leading. We'd parked in Harmony. Someone said it looked like his parents.


"I think we look like each other," DK says to me. We'd been hanging out together all day. "We're both bored by relationship."

"Yeah," I say. "I don't end up being who I really am with you, or doing the things I really like and want to with you."

"Like what?"

"I like cooking," I say, "movies, going for a hike..." I list off a lot of things, ignoring the fact that we have done a few of these things on occassion.

"Well, how are things with DB?"


"Is he okay with this arrangement?"

"He doesn't want to find out," I say. We're downtown, stolling past McNeill's. He says something to suggest that I go back to DB instead of hanging out with him. Quit him altogether. I'm agreeable. "OK," I say. In hindsight, I also realize he could have really been asking we still keep it between ourselves.. not sure about it now...

"You like that sweater," I ask. He's wearing my striped mohair sweater that I'd taken off earlier.

"Yeah, it's growing on me."

"That's great," I say, "because I'd taken it off earlier wishing that I could give it to someone because I didn't want it anymore--and I thought of you."

"Thanks," he says.

We got back to his truck. I want to take all my things out of it.

"ALL your things?" He's a little hurt, like I was moving out or something.

"Yeah..." I am going straight to work after hanging out with him. I needd everything with me. I had been talking about DB while walking with him.

"I just feel really comfortable with him," I had said, "We can be goofy together--he's really sweet..."

DK gets into his truck, baacked it up and parked in some alleyway. It's a tight fit, and he can barely squeeze it out from between the buildings. He gives up half-way and gets out.

Lana's sister is visiting from out of town. She doesn't speak English well. She asks if I'd remembered when she visited here last year. Of course. She needs help with keeping her headband up in her hair. DK suggests fixing it with steelwool, which works.

I get to the store at 5:30. Andrew's about to close up and is relieved that I'm there. Ann's been working to cover for me too... it's busy. There's a customer I don't care about who stands around trying to make conversation with me. I try to shove him off by making work for myself, and other related excuses. He's persistent, though.

Both my co-workers are tired and relieved when they see me.

"Don't worry," I say. "You'll probably see the reward in the raises and bonuses you get, whereas I probably won't get anything, as usual."


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