Tuesday, March 20, 2007

random dream notes -- part 1

I’ve been cleaning my house lately, getting ready for an impending move. Not only am I a pack rat, but I’ve discovered that I will compulsively write down my dremas on any little scrap of paper I can find at the moment. Here are transcriptions of dreams scribbled on backs of envelopes, recycled print outs, Kleenexes and other random scraps. They may be listed with a month and day, but no year.


I have a reading on April 20th. Easter at the Guilford Library. DB is driving there--he’s not going and doesn’t know where it is and just as we’ve gotten to a town center. I have to admit to him I don’t know where we are either--on top of not having brought my poems--on top of no one coming because it’s Easter.


Driving car--I’d woken up from a nap and am on autopilot, driving by feel. I must have been on the highway. But we’re nearing a place when I need to see, keep telling myself to open my eyes but can’t. Trying to peel my lids apart and can only see ghosts little images of landscape. Realize I’m wearing a mask and fling that off. Still my eyes are closed still I’m nervously driving thinking about pulling off to the sholder but I can’t see where that is. Still prying my eyes apart.


small paper bag on my table with a card inside. Another Thank you? He’s still in shop, so I open it, maybe I can talk to him about it later.

In the bag is a card and bottle of cologne. Card/envelope says I should call Oak Grove School so I can be part of their Women at Work Week. And another contact, too.

Cologne and lotion came with two different caps. It’s a trick. Lots of words on the glass bottle--what were they??


5 lost in hall

Kicking an apple around. Not cracking the earth. Jumping cracked OK earth.

Khonsy lost 74-62 gambling with Ousa.

A slew of boys watching the upstairs--got kicked out downstairs. My job is payroll.

Long spate of drams, as with yesterday, though I chose not to write down yesterday. Been dreaming much better for weeks now.


tornado in the house I’m in--with a family who knows the routine when it happens. Must close eyes when it hit’s the ground--the sight is too shocking. But this time, we are swept along--I’m outside and see a house being destroyed, the wreckage and I am so easily saddened by it--I can’t look, I says. Close (?) The father is in the room with me and asks me questions like I should know because I’ve been in tornadoes before?


Gonna give Rolf a lift? JK was there with his sister. He’s visiting a friend’s son, Lowell and starts talking Spanish with him. I knew Lowell from some other situation so he is trying to connect the dots. JK is asking for a lift from him in a sled, which means Rolf and I can leave later? Not sure about logistics. Someone’s asking permission of someone else.

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