Wednesday, January 31, 2007

dream poems

sifting through my computer files, found some dream poems recently:

written in late 2006:


in this dream you were hungry
and I hid from you what you desired
the half-eaten box you asked for
repeatedly while I feigned no knowledge
this I knew: nothing in your heart
turned for me though perhaps I desired
you feigned no knowledge until you could not
and so you know I hid from you
so to receive from you
and by deceiving you have lost

written sometime this month:

[dream 124]

halls flaking white paint
wind under the earth
endless tunnels in which we play
at being lost behind doors
opening to anything
slingshot in your hand
attached to a box
and I crept into ghostly shadows
to avoid the bruise of the ball
as it echoed off the walls



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