Monday, April 03, 2006

story sticks


It must have been in 2003 that I had a dream of my divining someone's fortune. It involved throwing down sticks with heiroglypic makings on them. Other tools were a bar of soap, a dime, and a tea saucer.

The next evening, I was with friends at the local teahouse, where they have a large selection of tarot cards for public use. I told the women of my dream--I'd just remembered it.

"Ooh! Let's see!" they cried. "I want you to read my fortune!" "Now!"

So pressured by their enthusiasm, I grabbed a handful of tea stirrers and a black sharpie and created them on the spot, approximating the essence of the markings I'd dreamt. I gave seven readings that night. EVERYONE said they were pretty accurate/insightful. Who knew? Even a woman I'd never before met asked for one and said it spoke truthfully about her life. Hunh?


Grab a handful of the sticks and shake them around in your hand as you mull over your question or topic. When you're ready, toss them onto the table. I try to decipher the message(s) based on the way the sticks fell.

I heard this is akin to the I-Ching. I don't know anything about it. It felt very primal to me in the dream. And all I can really say is that I intuit by feeling--a sense of "rightness". I imagine this is how all intuitives work anyway.


It all depends on how the sticks spread themselves out. Whether they land on their blank or marked sides. How they fall in relation to each other: where they cross, if they land astride or askew. And of course, what markings appear.

Usually there is a prominent stick that represents the questioner and/or the issue at hand. I go from there. I call them "Story Sticks" because what I end up telling is a story about the person or topic.


I've read for many people this way. Sometimes combining them with a reading of my Dream Cards (which I created from with motifs from my own dreams--a post on that later) for more insight. Just one way in which the magic of dreams carries over into the "waking life".


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