Wednesday, July 13, 2005

reading and traveling

Z is back from a trip. We walk along a rocky, darkened shore and start kissing. He askes me if I've been romantic with anyone else.

"Not like I've been with you." (Which he takes as "No".) JK in this dream, too?

Pulitzer winner Joseph was lunching at the same place I am, but he doesn't have to.

Dor flips a table. "That's why...." He explained it pretty rationally. Need conflict resolution. He's a little embarrassed by it.

The restaurant's sign about dress code says "This is not seasonal," and suggests "zesty flair."

Flipping through an atlas, I try to figure out how big Portugal is, relative to some place familiar, like Nebraska.

The food co-op is hosting a big conference in conjunction with another company like the VT Bread Company or radio free brattleboro. The billboard-type sign outside announcing it has a picture of a Sikh's turban next to an alien head. The text suggests a lecture on the history of the turban and its eventual influence on modern extra-terrestrial theory. Billy Bob Thornton is in a cowboy hat in the parking lot and he's pretty smashed.

The party crashers ask, "Who brought the wine that's stored in the bathroom?" (It was supposed to be our secret stash!) The party is watching a movie playing on the windows of the house. I am too distracted and don't get to watch it all.

In the movie, Billy Bob is a psychotic cowboy. Kevin Bacon's in it, and some fat guy is dressed up in an Easter Bunny suit, but doesn't look happy aobut it. The cowboy gives me a love note. They jump out of the movie and into real life.

...also of hand. I trumped and won [?]

woke up with a massive hangover...

Cooking corn. Working as part of A's household. I can the corn. My parents dust and mop the house. I've cooked a chicken. Nothing really gets clean.

I don't remember dreaming, but I must have been, as this morning's scenario illustrates:

"You were talking in your sleep last night."

"No I wasn't!"

"Yes you were... You said, 'I invited everybody to my party' and I said, 'Honey, you're talking in your sleep' and you said, 'EVERY-body..'"

Pulled an almost-all-nighter. Bedded down at 5 am. No dreams to speak of.


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