Sunday, April 16, 2006

people and stuff moving


Dreamt that I still has lots of stuff left in my apartment and went back for it the next day and a family had moved in already—a woman with three daughters—I feel now as if I’ve had this dream before—they were friendly enough and let me in. Then the dream gets confusing and fuzzy. I know there is a more indulgently complex story that included driving a car and possibly my parents. But I don’t know.


Guy named Chandler (who is really Nathan Heneveld). Me and K stuck a note on the door “____ Dance (?) here—all Welcome” to get the young kids upstairs to come. They did. Along with their mom (?) The giant penguins they were on ____ about. But then questionable character neighbors started coming down to join the party. We had to watch our furniture. It was really expensive nice stuff that belonged to Dad, where K and I were staying. Things kept moving around, but nothing seemed to have been pilfered. I didn’t notice until later anyway. It was a nice long burlwood coffee table. I asked K about it. He said Andrew stole it—and that’s how he knew there was a lawyer named Andrew in town—Dad must have caught him in the act and prosecuted.

I only set up house. Bathroom doesn’t have its own door. Just curtain. Etc. I dreamt of something place that looked like this before.


Me and Dina and Jenn Bayliss driving around in convertibles.

K and I were taking care of two kids: a boy in a stroller and a girl old enough to walk. K could have been DB, unromantically. He walked them out of the school we were all in and winded up at the Berklee Music Festival. We couldn’t afford admission, but there was lots of wander around space nearby. It’s a mish-mash of the Co-op and the school.

In the cafeteria I snuck food out without paying for it. spb was alone somewhere eating dinner. They’ve changed the décor of the Co-op interior—it’s now a baby blue nautical theme. I went barefoot everywhere. DK was here too. We embraced and talked about the future. He’s had existential questions. Lots of Marlboro College students around. People everywhere. Just as I was going to go find K and the kids, they came back.


lots of people lots of stuff happening in my dreams—gardens, big and lush with grapes and squash, etc. Something about crushes on boys…


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